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Helping Parent Heal Messages from Our Children through Psychic Medium Christine Salter Saye Hekmatian and her son Jonathan

He communicated that this is the life that he chose for himself. My dad was also present, who was there to meet Jonathan when he passed. Christine also mentioned another lady who was with him and I was not sure who she could be. My sister, who was with me, said that she was my second cousin who passed 3 years ago and left a son behind. She is a very motherly figure, so my sister believes she is also taking care of my son.
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Helping Parents Heal

Opening your spiritual gifts can be a beautiful, lifelong journey. Most people don’t just “pop” open because it would be too disruptive to their lives. Allow yourself time to blossom into the full spirit being that you are. As you open up your intuition, insights and messages will show up in your everyday life and you will be able to notice them consistently. Your loved one is joined by a large team in spirit who help you along your life path. Call on them as often as you like, as you are never bothering any of them. Anything that brings you peace is of utmost importance to them. Once the choice is made to start this path, then you are well on your way to healing and living a spirit-guided life.
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Mediumship Reading and Energy Clearing

Christine Salter- Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Angel Messenger doing a mediumship reading for a woman in a group setting. After doing some energy clearing on a participant her Grandma comes through loud and clear.
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Christine Salter – Self Care with Rising Phoenix

Christine Salter is a Psychic, Medium and holistic healer who helps people find the light in dark situations. She uses her unique skills as a medium to bring forth messages from your loved ones to help you heal. She recently completed a Mediumship certification process by Mark Ireland, and is a member of the "Find Me" investigative services.
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With God even Pikachu is possible

My son has recently gotten into the game Pokemon. There is a character called Pikachu and he decided that is what he wanted to be for Halloween. Now, this game has been around for a number of years. This isn’t the “hot” costume for the year. I truly had doubt that we would find one.
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Falling into the new energy

Summer time is officially over here in Phoenix. Our summers are sweltering hot and fall let’s me know that it is winding down. Even though it is still warm today, I can sense the change in the air. When I go outside in the morning I am reminded of my childhood. There is a coolness to the air and a certain smell. I can hear the band practicing at the high school. All of this brings my spirit up. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the change of the season. I love all the colors. I love the food associated with it.
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Psychic Vegas – Part 2

My angels knew what was about to take place. Now I am standing at the side of a psychic business with a camera in my face and someone determined that they were going to film me. I had no idea what he wanted to talk about. All I could think was I hope he doesn’t want me to to a reading because I had had a drink a little earlier. It is my rule that I don’t drink and read for anyone. So I was a little concerned. I want you to really feel where I was at at this moment. Here I am in Vegas, out with my friends, having a few drinks and taking in the sights. I decide to stop and get a reading. As soon as I walk out I am being interviewed.
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Psychic Vegas – Part 1

In one of my last emails I talked about this fun and divinely inspired encounter that I had on a trip. I promised to write about it so here you go. Enjoy! I had been feeling like I just needed to get away and have some me time. So shortly after sending that thought out to the universe a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to Vegas for a weekend. I had been thinking that a girls weekend was just the right thing. It had been years since I had been there so I happily accepted.
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Healing the Healer

My life hasn't been sunshine and roses. I understand that I chose to learn what I have long before I ever came to this planet. Even with that knowledge, it isn't always easy. I still get so frustrated with myself. My life path of knowledge and professional training helps me to have so much empathy for others. The real kicker is that I have very little for myself. Ridiculous, right? I have been peeling back the layers of healing or as I call it the “onion” for many years. It is what lead me to my life’s work.
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It is time for your spiritual awakening

Once upon a time there was an energy and in this energy there was a consciousness or awareness. Now this consciousness decided that it wanted to have an experience outside of the bliss of just being. It gathered other consciousness’s together and created a plan. Even though we are all one and come from the same place, we are going to try out feeling separate from each other. We are also going to forget everything that we know to be the truth. We will experience a vague amnesia where we have some feelings, but can't really place what is going on.
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The Great Awakening

In The Beginning 

Once upon a time there was an energyOpening the curtain and hand and in this energy there was a consciousness or awareness. Now this consciousness decided that it wanted to have an experience outside of the bliss of just being. It gathered other consciousness’s together and created a plan. Even though we are all one and come from the same place we are going to try out feeling separate from each other.  Everyone laughed because the idea was so ridiculous. They decided to add to the plan of “trying” something different they decided to forget (amnesia) everything that they knew to be the truth. Life was created and the energy tried it on. They decided to call this new form human.

These awareness energies had never experienced matter put together so differently. Everything was thought out so when they became unconscious, this “human” form would run itself. Everyone was able to design what their own unique energy would look like. They made plans on who they would interact with and what possible experiences they might have. An awesome internal guidance system was put into place so that they would be able to access the information in their plans. They even picked other energies to make sure they have the experience that they were hoping for.

A beautiful energy was put together to have a place to experience their experiment. They called it Earth. Other energies such as plant and animals were assembled to create balance and opportunity. Once everything had been meticulously created, then the experiment was to begin. This experiment has been ongoing for many years now. You are part of it now as you read these words.

Time to wake up

Since the beginning of this experience, there has been much taught and learned. As a group, we have had a great sense of duality. We must experience both sides of the “coin” to really appreciate what each had to offer such as the good with the bad and the light with the dark. Collectively we are coming out of our amnesia. We are returning to the full knowledge of who we are as consciousness. We are remembering that we truly are one. Our spirits comes from the same source. Our internal guidance system or intuition is becoming stronger as the veil of amnesia gets thinner. It is different for everyone, but we will all get to the same place with our own timing. We call this process the “Great Awakening.”