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Christine’s Mystical Journey

Mediumship journey

I haven’t been psychic my whole life nor did I ever dream my life would turn out how it has. My journey as a Medium started in 2001. My grandfather showed up in my car while I was driving one day. He had been passed for about five years. It didn’t seem strange to me, just interesting. I have been interested in metaphysical stuff since 1987. Anyways, he asked me to bring my grandmother flowers for Valentine’s Day which was in a few days. I became concerned that she might think I was a little crazy showing up with flowers from grandpa. My grandpa said something that made me stop and change my mind. He said “I can’t do it or I would. Would you please bring her flowers for me?” I thought “Of course you can’t so I will.”  I proceeded to go to the local grocery store and picked up a dozen beautiful yellow roses. He was from Texas and that was their flower.

Depositphotos_1179656_sI showed up at grandmas house with flowers in hand. I gave her the flowers and told her the story. She was happy to hear it and thrilled to get flowers. About five years later she told me that when I brought the flowers it was the closest that she had felt to him since he died. They had been married for 54 years. Today I am thankful that I honored the love that they had for each other and got outside myself and my worries. I am sure that it brought happiness to each of them.

It took the Angels and my guides a while to get me to realize that mediumship was a gift that I needed to offer. I would do it when it showed up in my healing sessions, but I didn’t own it. I started having a series of dreams where I was working as a medium. I would dream of helping parents communicate with their deceased children. I always woke up and thought that was an interesting dream. I didn’t finally get the “message” that I was a medium until I dreamt of my own death.

I remember this very clearly. I had passed away, yet I felt just as I normally did. I just wasn’t wearing a body. I was sitting in my family’s house with everyone. I could feel how sad everyone was. I could tell that they just wanted to talk to me and see if I was alright. I wanted to shout to them “I am right here! I am fine!” I turned to the person with me in this dream and said “This is so sad because in my last life I could communicate for them.” Right after that I woke up. I finally got “it.” I was to be a messenger as a medium. It still took me a while to “come out” in a public way.

I finally stepped into the work fully in 2010 and it is an incredible experience. I never know who I am going to help before they come in. I have helped people who have experienced everything from the loss of a young child to a spouse who has committed suicide and many things in between. I  have the unique perspective from my dream of being in both sides, living and past over, so when I do readings so I am able to understand both sides and explain it all and how it works. I am grateful that I can help people in such deep and dark places start to have a spark of light. Mediumship generally brings a sense of light, happiness, closure, and it helps move the heaviness that people have. Most people report having a greater sense of peace after a reading. So, if you are carrying heavy emotions from a loss around, please know that there is help available for you. Ask your Angels for guidance as to what is best for your healing and follow through with the repetitive ideas or feelings that come to you.

Of course, I would be happy to help you!

Love and Light,

Christine Salter

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