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Falling into the new energy

Summer time is officially over here in Phoenix.  Our summers are sweltering hot and fall let’s me know that it is winding down. Even though it is still warm today, I can sense the change in the air. When I go outside in the morning I am reminded of my childhood. There is a coolness to the air and a certain smell. I can hear the band practicing at the high school. All of this brings my spirit up. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the change of the season. I love all the colors. I love the food associated with it. My soul seems to feel very alive and my joy increases. I don’t even mind walking into a store seeing Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stuff out already. Life is back into a routine and that is good. As I am settling into this new energy I find that I am alive with possibilities. I start to take an inventory of where I am and where I want to go. I find that fall is a wonderful time to do a cleanse and purge stuff from my environment. It is time to purge from my emotional and spiritual self as well. Energetically we have been through the wringer. Planets have been in retrograde and fighting with each other. I am not an astrologer so this is my synopsis of what we are experiencing. All of it has been causing us to go within and deeply release things that no longer serve us. It is also asking us to let go of things we think serve us, but don’t really. My healing journey began years ago. Even to this day I am uncovering deeper and deeper belief systems that I carry that never helped me. These are in the unconscious and pretty much run the brain and how we respond to things. I know that as a healer, the deeper my healing goes, the more experience I can offer to others. As I learn something I can share it. That is my path as a teacher/healer. I honor this path that my soul has chosen. It has given me vast knowledge and a great amount of compassion for myself and others. I share this because I don’t want you to think that you are alone. Too many times we think we are the only one who could possibly experience something. I had a conversation with a client who is looking at deep core issues. I shared a piece of my story and she was very sad for me. She was more upset for me than she was for her own life. The light bulb came on and she was able to see how she wasn’t having compassion for herself and she had been through the same thing. It was powerful to be a part of. I was acting as a mirror for her because she was experiencing the same issue. Having a healing guide is very powerful in helping someone reach those core issues and release them. I want you to know that your life has been perfect for your soul growth. You may not understand all of the pieces while you are here on earth, but I hope you can find peace in knowing that your soul is guiding the experience. There are no coincidences and your guides and angels really do have your best interests at heart. If you are going through changes please remember to ask you angels to help you. No one has to do it alone.

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