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Messages from Our Children through Psychic Medium Christine Salter

Michelle Ziff and her son Garrett

Our family lost a very important and beloved member named Garrett Nathan Ziff.  Garrett had been struggling with an addiction for the past 5 years.  My cousins, Scott and Michelle, had been amazing parents to Garrett, as well as their two other sons, and had done everything within their power to help Garrett overcome his demons.  They themselves had immersed themselves in going to meetings, met with therapists, talked with experts—you name it and they did it.  Unbeknownst to me, Scott and Michelle woke up every day for 5 years hoping beyond hope that Garrett would make it to another day.  Their worst fear became a reality with one phone call late on Thursday, March 10th, 2016.  Ironically or eerily coincidentally, depending on which way you look at it, Garrett passed away on his 27th birthday.

As all of you know too well, life changed in that instant.  It will never be the same again. Our dear family friend (she’s more like a member of our family), Juliet, attends the monthly bereaved parent group that was started by the wonderfully kind and empathetic Elizabeth Boisson.  Juliet lost her beautiful boy Noah almost 7 years ago now.  There is no truer adage than “misery loves company”.

Juliet, Michelle, my daughter and I attended the monthly meeting on Sunday, March 20th.  On this day, there was a special guest speaker by the name of Christine Salter.  And when I say special, I truly mean special.  As it turns out, Christine is a very gifted psychic medium.  We (me, Michelle, Juliet and my daughter) are very well versed in the field of psychic mediums—not because any of us have that particular gift, but we have seen James Van Praagh, the late great Sylvia Brown, Theresa Caputo, have read numerous books such as “Many Lives Many Masters”—you get the picture.

To our amazement and through our tears of joy, our Garrett came through via Christine.  It was just as surprising to Christine that he came through, specifically because it had only been 10 days since he passed.  The things that Christine relayed to us were uncanny.  There was no doubt that she was channeling Garrett.  The roughly 15 minutes of time that elapsed were like a ray of sunshine in an eternal nighttime of darkness.  It was a blessing and a priceless gift.  To know that your loved one is okay and is not suffering, even though you’re not in a position where you can see them or touch them, gives such a tremendous sense of peace that it’s really hard to convey in words.

I would highly recommend to anyone who has lost someone that they have loved to seek out Christine Salter or any other psychic medium that someone you know has referred to you.  It can really be a life-altering (in a good way) experience that allows you to see for yourself that life goes on and that there is something to all of this.

-Written by Garrett’s Aunt, Robin Goldansky

Article from April issue of our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter!

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