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Helping Parent Heal

Messages from Our Children through Psychic Medium Christine Salter

Saye Hekmatian and her son Jonathan

It is always nice to attend meetings of Helping Parents Heal and I’m so appreciative of the great group of people and for the wonderful speakers Elizabeth brings.

I can feel Jonathan’s presence all the time. I spend almost every night with him in my dreams, which do not seem like dreams but don’t exactly know what to call them.

The day of last Sunday’s meeting of Helping Parents Heal, the 20th of March, was significant because it was the first day of the Persian New Year. I am so happy that I attended; hearing Psychic Medium Christine Salter validate Jonathan’s presence felt so heartwarming.

Jonathan wrote beautifully and I wish I could express my feelings as well as he could. Christine described him as stubborn, which he is, and funny with a dash of sarcasm!!!

He communicated that this is the life that he chose for himself.  My dad was also present, who was there to meet Jonathan when he passed.  Christine also mentioned another lady who was with him and I was not sure who she could be.   My sister, who was with me, said that she was my second cousin who passed 3 years ago and left a son behind.  She is a very motherly figure, so my sister believes she is also taking care of my son.

Jonathan communicated to me that “You are always worried, but I’m ok. You shouldn’t blame yourself; I’m happy”.

Christine told me that Jonathan gave me a kiss on my cheek, and that he was trying to get my attention through his cat and that he knows that we love him.  We have 4 cats – 3 boy cats, one for each of children, and 1 girl cat for me.  Jonathan’s cat is Oreo, who loved Wednesday mornings when I held bible study.  The picture of him is perhaps 6 years ago.  When Jonathan passed, Oreo stayed in my closet for 3 weeks, and Puma, who is Kiki’s cat, did not leave my bed.   To this day, any time I cry he comes to me. Whenever I would tell Jonathan that we should downsize, he would say “Mom, this house belongs to the cats; you are just living with them!”

It was uplifting to hear these words from him through Christine.  I just stated a new job two weeks ago.  Thank you Elizabeth, and I look forward to see you next month!

-Written by Jonathan’s Mom, Saye 

Article from April issue of our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter!

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