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It is time for your Spiritual Awakening

Opening the curtain and handOnce upon a time there was an energy and in this energy there was a consciousness or awareness. Now this consciousness decided that it wanted to have an experience outside of the bliss of just being. It gathered other consciousness’s together and created a plan. Even though we are all one and come from the same place, we are going to try out feeling separate from each other. We are also going to forget everything that we know to be the truth. We will experience a vague amnesia where we have some feelings, but can’t really place what is going on. Then we will  take on a new energetic form so we can try this experiment. Everyone laughed because the idea was so ridiculous. We could never be separate from each other.  Could we really do this? What would it be like? How would we ever come back to where we are now? There was only one way to find out.

A new form

They decided to call this new form, human.These awareness energies had never experienced matter put together so differently. Everything was thought out so when they became unconscious, this “human” form would run itself. Everyone was able to design what their own unique energy would look like. They made plans on who they would interact with and what possible experiences they might have. An awesome internal guidance system was put into place so that they would be able to access the information in their plans. A beautiful energy was put together to have a place to experience their experiment. Other energies were assembled to create balance and opportunity.They even picked other energies like plants and animals to make sure they have the experience that they were hoping for. Once everything had been meticulously created, the experiment was to begin.

Having a human experience

You are one of those energies wearing a beautiful human suit. You are a spirit being having a human experience. Your temporary amnesia keeps you from remembering. It is all part of the experiment so each time you come here you have a different experience. Your intuition or guidance system is helping you to keep on track with your mission. You are being communicated with by your angels, guides, loved ones, your higher self, and God/source. Our lower self or ego makes us think that things are random and coincidental. It tries to take the divine out of the equation. It is impossible mission of the ego because we come from the divine. I have found that life is like a giant chess board. When the Divine is involved you can look back and see exactly how things shifted to help you.

The Great Spiritual Awakening

Since the beginning of this experience, there has been much taught and learned. As a group, we have had a great sense of duality. We must experience both sides of the “coin” to really appreciate what each has to offer such as the good with the bad and the light with the dark. Collectively we are coming out of our amnesia. We are returning to the full knowledge of who we are as consciousness. We are remembering that we are truly one. Our spirits comes from the same source. Our internal guidance system or intuition is becoming stronger as the veil of amnesia gets thinner. We call this process the “Great Awakening.” Welcome back to you!

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