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Psychic Vegas – Part 1

In one of my last emails I talked about this fun and divinely inspired encounter that I had on a trip. I promised to write about it so here you go. Enjoy! I had been feeling like I just needed to get away and have some me time. So shortly after sending that thought out to the universe a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to Vegas for a weekend. I had been thinking that a girls weekend was just the right thing. It had been years since I had been there so I happily accepted.

Christine and Pam in Vegas!

Christine and Pam in Vegas!

Chatting with my friend on our long drive from Phoenix, we decided on our to do list of activities while we were there. Going to downtown Vegas on Fremont street was on the agenda and we decided that our first night in Vegas was the best night to go. We wanted to make sure we made it over there and after being in the pool all day Saturday, neither of us were sure we would actually make it. So with a plan in place our adventure began. We got ready and made our way out later than I would have liked. But, being in Vegas I was game for whatever the night brought us. We grabbed a cab and headed downtown. After we all piled out of the cab, we started to get our bearings and took a look at the landscape that is downtown Vegas.  I was aware that there was a psychic business down on Freemont street where you could get a reading. Some friends had made a point to tell me about it a few weeks earlier. Well, I love to get readings too so I stopped at this very small cart looking building and checked out the menu to see what they offered. I himmed and hawed for a few minutes. I just wasn’t sure that I really wanted a reading. I’m always feeling out other psychics to see if I want messages from them. Since I was being so indecisive I decided why not! Let’s see what they have to say. I went in and sat down with a reader much younger than myself. I was enjoying the messages that she was giving me when I noticed my friend outside the door. She had a film crew that she was talking to. I had no idea what was going on and I was trying to pay attention to what the psychic had to say. My friend came in and sat down in the chair next to me. I looked at her wondering what was going on. She sat for just a moment and went back outside. I was still very curious as to what the commotion was outside. My reader finished up my reading and walked me to the door. Once we stepped outside my friend announced that the film crew wanted to interview me about being a psychic. I wasn’t sure what to say and handed the opportunity over to the psychic. She politely declined to be filmed and I stepped up and said I would. At this point I had no idea what they wanted to talk to me about. The director walked me right over to the side of the psychic business and had me turn to face outwards.  Lights came on, the microphone was put up so I could be heard, and the camera was pointed right at me. Downtown was loud with music blaring and lights flashing. Now I have a camera in my face and someone wants to talk to me about being a psychic medium. What in the world was happening? Finish reading the second half of the story in Part 2.  

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