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Psychic Vegas – Part 2

Here is the conclusion to my crazy divine experience in Vegas last July. Now, before I go any further I have to fill you in on a little bit more background. Being that we were in Vegas, we had drinks and dinner before our outing to downtown. I just had a nice meal and had had a drink before I ate. I was just looking to have fun and let off some steam. The rest of my friends had a bit to drink at dinner. There must have been some reason why I didn’t participate other than I  wasn’t really feeling like I wanted a drink with dinner. Also, being Vegas, I was all dolled up and ready to be seen. Looking back I am so happy I was dressed nice with hair and makeup on. My angels knew what was about to take place. Now I am standing at the side of a psychic business with a camera in my face and someone determined that they were going to film me. I had no idea what he wanted to talk about. All I could think was I hope he doesn’t want me to to a reading because I had had a drink a little earlier. It is my rule that I don’t drink and read for anyone. So I was a little concerned. I want you to really feel where I was at at this moment. Here I am in Vegas, out with my friends, having a few drinks and taking in the sights. I decide to stop and get a reading. As soon as I walk out I am being interviewed. It felt very surreal and the absolute last thing I expected or ever saw coming. Now my friend Pam had been outside talking to the film crew and knew exactly what was going on. I was going on trust big time. It was such a moment of overwhelm, whirlwind, and wondering what the heck was happening. Oh and add a drink to the mix and I never had time to even think about what was going on. So, camera is in my face and the guy starts asking me questions. He starts just asking my name and where I am from. I am still wondering what the heck is going on in my mind, but I answer. I also simultaneously realized that this just might go somewhere so I better be on my A game. I don’t know what happened, but I slipped into a mode that felt like I had been doing this my entire life. The natural teacher in me just kicked right in in response to his questions. I was talking a million miles a minute and answering with no hesitation or fear. They were working on a documentary about beliefs. He asked me how does it work being a medium, how does intuition work, and what would I say to people who don’t believe. The music was blaring and the lights were going and I was just teaching away without even flinching to a film crew that came out of nowhere. Once we were done I was asked to sign a release. I  got a copy from the guy and he said very clearly “You will be on Discovery channel.” I was trying to catch my breathe and make sense of what just happened. The crew quickly disappeared and we never saw them for the rest of the night. I turned and look at my friends in a state of shock. Seriously, what just happened. What I didn’t know was that my friend stopped the film crew and asked what they were doing. Once they told her she told them that they needed to talk to me. They were impatient waiting for my reading to be done and kept saying that they would come back. She just kept insisting to them that just hold on and that they really needed to talk to me. My wonderful friend Pam just had this gut feeling that they needed to talk to me and she was determined it was going to happen. My friends watched as I talked during filming and the psychic who declined was watching me also. It seems that she was scowling as I was doing my thing after she turned it down. I had no idea anything else was taking place because I was so involved with what I was doing. There are fun pieces looking back after it was all said and done. This whole thing was divinely orchestrated and it is completely clear to me. For everything to happen, many pieces had to be in place. It starts with the time we arrive in downtown. We got there later than I had hoped to. I already knew of the psychic shop before I got there. I was indecisive as to whether I wanted a reading. I waited a few minutes and then decided ok. The film crew showed up halfway during my reading. My friends were outside to keep the crew around. I was all glammed up and film ready. And, I had a drink beforehand. This was important for a few reasons. The main reason is that I was totally relaxed. I wasn’t worried about anything. My guides and angels know me very well. I would have been very nervous if I hadn’t been sipping on a drink beforehand. I may have even declined. But, since I was so relaxed I was totally game for it. I knew that maybe this might help me reach more people. I honestly felt like I rocked it. If our timing had been 10 minutes earlier or later that night, it probably might not have happened. I thanked my guides and angels for putting this together so well. I thanked my friends for all their help and patted myself on the back for stepping up to an opportunity that was outside my comfort zone. I knocked it out of the park. At this point I have no idea what will come of it. As I learn more I will certainly share the story as it unfolds. Hopefully I end up on the documentary and I get to teach to a big audience and have a positive impact.  I am so thankful to have the support of spirit and such great friends. I am ready for the next adventure.

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