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Christine thank you again for your help in connecting me with my son. Your warmth, patience, extra time you spent with me and your many suggestions were much appreciated. This was the first time I’d had a mediumship reading and I was quite nervous but you put me right at ease and made the experience a pleasure.

Shannon Nelson

Excellent and insightful as usual.

Joanne Agliata

Hi Christine!
THANK YOU so much for your time, energy and compassion yesterday. That was the first time I’ve ever done something like that and it was so amazing! I don’t know what all words can even describe the experience.
I look forward to speaking with you again…and hopefully, someday I’ll meet you in person. Really!
I do want to follow up regarding the recording; did it work? If so, please send me that link as soon as it’s convenient for you. I’m pretty excited to listen to it again…
Thanks again, Christine, and Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is wonderful in every way for you!!

🙂 Dawn Potts

Once again you made my day Christine. I felt exhilarated when I left and continued to get signs of being on the right track in my life. You were put in my life at the right time, I was finally opening up to hear the messages and your guidance was just what I needed. Thanks so much for your help and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Patti Brennan

Words cannot express how I feel! You have put my mind at ease and open it up at the same time! Thank you for taking the time to help guide me down the right path!!

You made it relaxing and comfortable at the same time.


Most beneficial reading I have ever had. Got my head in the right place, my thoughts more positive and I’m actually excited that good things are to come. Learning how to open my own abilities is huge.

Tiesha Lamb

Hello Christine,

Thank you for your help today with my overwhelming grief for JohnJohn. I appreciated your understanding of my situation, your compassion, your honesty and also the extra time you spent with me. I was also impressed by the fact that you knew things about me and my loved ones that I didn’t expect you to know. I have since figured out a couple of the other people who appeared!! I am taking all your advice; will process for two months, as suggested, and then I will contact you again. I felt a very real connection with you.

May the Archangel Michael stay with you and keep you safe.


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