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With God even Pikachu is possible

It is that time of the year again to take the kiddos trick or treating. I was on the ball this year and decided to get the kids their Halloween costumes early. I tend to procrastinate just a bit and so this was a big step for me. My daughter had an easy request. She wanted to be a princess which is the normal costume for her. We found hers a few weeks ago at Goodwill and she was set.
My son has recently gotten into the game Pokemon. There is a character called Pikachu and he decided that is what he wanted to be for Halloween. Now, this game has been around for a number of years. This isn’t the “hot” costume for the year. I truly had doubt that we would find one.
My computer savvy son found one online, but it was more money than I wanted to spend on a one night costume. I told him that we would go shopping and see if we could find one. As we were out and about the idea came to mind to check a few stores. If we didn’t find it there we would go check a thrift store. We went to our first store and didn’t find one. My son was really insistent on this particular costume. I was insistent that he needed to pick something else.

Since we didn’t find the costume, we ventured over to the thrift store. I knew that they would have all kinds of stuff to choose from because I had already been there with my daughter. I had no faith that we would find this costume from a popular tv show from 10 years ago. I generally tend to use my manifesting skills and visualize what I want and I generally get it. For whatever reason I had zero percent faith that it was possible to find one. I mean, I was really sure it was impossible. On the way over I told my son that if we don’t find it he has to pick something else. I was really doing it to appease him more than anything so we could then find something else. On our way to the thrift store we said a prayer of manifestation. My mom reminded me to ask that it be in his size. I chuckled and added that in.

 As we were walking up to the store I talked to God. I thought “God, if there is a Pikachu costume in this store I am going to be very impressed.” Again, I had no faith we would find it. As we entered the doors we came across a rack of costumes. I had seen the costume online so I had an Idea of what we were looking for.

As I walked around the first circular rack, I spotted something bright yellow. I had a little thought that wondered “Could that really be a Pikachu costume?” I picked it up and my son exclaimed that it was Pikachu! I stood there dumbfounded holding a Pikachu costume in my hand. My son got very excited and I stood there in disbelief. I was floored. It “just so happened” to be in his size as well. I thought what are the odds. This had to be the Divine stepping in. Really? A Pikachu costume at the thrift store. I didn’t even know what to say except yes I will buy it for you.

 So we have a Pikachu costume in just the right size, but it didn’t have the mask that was supposed to come with it. We figured maybe we could paint his face to match. I decided maybe the mask was in a different part of the store so we set off searching for the Pikachu face.

 As we rounded several racks, I spotted another bright yellow costume. Could there really be two Pikachu costumes in the same place? My mind was trying to grasp it all. As I picked up the costume, sure enough it was Pikachu as well. This costume was much smaller so I figured maybe some kids dressed alike. This one had the holy grail missing mask attached to it. I was still standing there in shock. How was this possible when I was so sure that it could not be.

 As it started to sink in that we had indeed found the needle in the haystack I had some spiritual revelations. I believe that anything is possible, yet my own limited thinking was clearly in the way. I finally got the message that indeed anything is possible. The fun part is that even though I was fighting the thoughts it still came true. My son was thrilled and I was shocked. It helped me look at my life differently. To me there is a big difference between knowing something through knowledge and knowing something through experience. Once you “Know” you know.

 Halloween is just around the corner and the kids can’t wait to go out in their costumes. Everytime I see him in his costume I am reminded of this experience. My new motto is “With God even Pikachu is possible.” If I get into a space of disbelief about something I want to manifest, I am reminded about this. Nothing is too big or too small for God.

Happy Halloween!

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